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December 31

December 31, 2012

Aloha me amigos et mes amis!
Bonjour! comment cava? ha well I don’t know if I’ve ever told you about our less active friends from france but we got to see them the other day so french is on the brain. ha they are the H's, they are in their young 80's and love it when we come over, awesome people! Brother H is from Germany originally and speaks english and french along with his old towns german dialect.  It totally makes me think about Holland and gets me in touch with my dutch side. haha I love it, make sure grandpa knows that the inner dutchman in me always wants to burst out! 
Also got my hair cut today. ah I needed one, went to this nice barber shop because its the only place we could walk to from the mission office and got a killer hair cut and shampoo with a hot towel, the whole nine yards! the best part is I sweet talked the manager into giving me a "Jesus discount" ha and they gave me 10$ off a 25$ haircut. I love being a missionary! 
Before I forget the Tenessee-ism for the week is..-"Long Handles" - means long johns or thermals. "My it's just right dog gone cold out! Y'all got you're long handles on?!" quote by Sister S (The Elder) Brother and Sister S(dwight and jane) are two of our investigators, they are like our grandparents away from home! They are Brother S's parents from our ward here. They used to be super anti, they even almost disowned brother s when he joined the church. However we have been really connecting with them and we really love them and they really love us, so when we go over and teach they even get involved in the spiritual thought! Just the other day they found out that Elder Christensen hasn't had a baptism yet at 8 months and they were heart broken and they (jokingly) said to brother s that they better get baptized for us haha thats a huge step to even joke about it for them, they will be baptized sometime and we are just super excited to finally be the missionaries allowed to teach them!
Also we got another baptismal commitment! Jeanne H is our first and her 27 year old daughter started taking the lessons too and they both are scheduled to be baptized on Feb. 2nd! so exciting! they both came to church this sunday too! so super excited about that! and our other top investigator right now is a member referral by the name of Robert B. He is awesome he comes to church every week and is reading the book of mormon everyday! He took us out to lunch last P day and lunch and played Disc Golf today! super nice guy. His only hang up is he is the type of guy who reads the fine print on everything. He has to read the whole book of mormon before he is baptized, he is taking it really seriously and is sincerely praying and reading. We thought it would take for ever but he is averaging 4 chapters a day and is already to Helaman!! so we are going to set a date for him to finish by and (sneaky us) we are going to turn it into his baptismal date as well! 
haha so we are really having a lot of success here in Farargut! President just told us we may have "secured our spot" here for probably at least another transfer. so fingers crossed! I’m for sure here until Feb 6th but I'll probably stay here at least another 6 weeks after that so I'm excited. 
I guess the theme of this weeks email is how exciting missionary work is I love it and the Lord blesses you for your service! whether it be a full time mission or member missionary work it brings happiness and he helps deliver us out of our bondage, just like it says in Alma 36:24-27. I love my mission and I love the people and I love my Savior. He brings us the most joy and true happiness in our lives.
Love you so much
Elder Bakker

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