Monday, March 25, 2013

Hola madre
So it's so awesome here. Tennesseeism of the week- kept/keep: to babysit or tend children. "... boy that ole' lady kept us for years growing up"
We recently had a zone training meeting and the zone leaders challanged the whole zone to find 7 new investigators this week, and it seemed like a really tough goal. We worked really hard this week to try and work through the members to find new investigators and we did a little tracting, and by Saturday we had 4 new investigators. 4 is good, thats actually a lot for a week, but we really wanted to achieve the zone goal of 7 so Elder Arnold and I fasted and prayed that Sunday, in our 2 hours we had to go find people, we would be able to get 3 new investigators. We set up to go out tracting with a priest from the ward and we were praying and I knew we needed to get one more priest and do splits tracting to find heavenly fathers children that we were promised we could find. So we called up one more priest and "luckily" he was able to come out with us. We prayed about where to go tracting and we had the priests pick where to go and they picked a couple streets so Elder Arnold took one and I took one and we went off to find. We ended up finding those 3 new investigators and taught 9 lessons between us in those 2 hours. Boy the priests had an awesome time super spiritual and boy my faith has sure strengthened in the power of prayer and fasting.
The S parents came to church on their own yesterday and no body was speaking or invited them! We called to set up a time to do lunch and a spiritual message and Jane said "Alrighty boys, I'll see you at church tomorrow." They are doing so awesome! They are doing family home evening every monday with the S and everything. This week FHE is at the S parents house. ha imagine that. I love them, and Elder Arnold is going to start getting to know them and I'm sure they will love him too. He is a sweet guy.
We are teaching a lady tonight named Cheryl.  She really likes us and is cooking us her famous pizza tonight and has said she will let us teach her the restoration, and is actually way excited.
Well Elder Arnold and I are tearing it up here in Farragut all is going well and we have a bunch of solid investigators now its just time to get them to have a date for baptism. That's this weeks focus so any extra prayers for our investigators would be awesome! Love you and talk to you soon! Happy Easter!
Love elder bakker

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