Monday, April 8, 2013

Mon April 8, 2013 hola madre, all is well here in the east. conference was awesome my favorite by far was elder oaks! he spoke to the world and told them the bible says we are right and everyone else is not even close. also L. Tom Perry shook the whole church with his sternness. love that guy. Elder Holland as usual showed us the fire. and elder Bednar really gave us some sweet sound doctrine on chastity its going to be a new classic talk often referred to i think. Also two women prayed in conference. That’s new, women haven’t prayed in conference before. Not a whole lot of updates however we do have a sweet new investigator. His name is reb. He has like maybe 15 or 16 teeth. We are helping him achieve peace in his life and we can see his life really turning around. he gave me a bunch of classic small historical confederate flags ill send home for y’all to show your southern pride. remember its the war of northern aggression not the civil war haha. but yeah all is well, not a whole lot of updates with the sextons they are still rolling along. the dutch guy hans (brinker) v i met, we went by and gave him some salted licorice and shared a little thought with him and he invited us to come to their catholic mass yesterday morning, so we went... boy that was different, stand, sit, kneel, stand, kneel, stand, kneel, recite prayer, kneel, recite prayer again. it was quite foreign. we invited him to our service afterwards and because he’s a stubborn dutch-man he says "nope" haha i told him he is stubborn and he says "what do you expect i'm dutch?" haha so that’s the updates. love yall! till next time elder bakker

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