Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Sunday

Mon, April 1, 2013

hey hey fam
Sunday was an awesome day. Easter was great, being a missionary on Easter is exciting, I loved going out tracting sharing the message of the resurrected savior this week. In fact there is one cool story I’ll share from the week. We had an extra 15 minuets before a dinner appointment so we decided to knock a few of the neighbors doors. The first door we knocked on I saw a jeep in the drive way with an NL sticker on it. I had a clue there that it may be interesting. We knocked on the door and the man said through a familiar accent, "guys unless you want to talk about becoming catholic we don’t have a whole lot to talk about." I asked him where he was from and he said Holland. He looked at my name tag and I told him I was Dutch and he said " oh yes Bakker that means baker or bakery. We talked about Amsterdam, Kroquettes, Salted licorice, almond pastries, and so on. He invited us in and gave us a coke and talked a bit and we prayed with him. He told us we could come back sometime, and we will. Elder Arnold couldn’t get over it he thought it was so funny how excited he was to talk about Holland. I proceeded then to explain the Phrase "if ya ain't Dutch ya ain't much"
Just one of many cool experiences I've had here lately we are really working our butts off, I love it. I'm convinced no one else in the mission could have gotten in that door, and we have met some people really only Elder Arnold can touch. We are called where we are for a reason and I know that it is divinely inspired.
Well all is well love ya! Elder bakker

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