Monday, May 27, 2013

I Wouldn't Care To

Hey family! 
Tennesseeism of the week is "I wouldn't care to" this one is a doozy.  At first glance it sounds like a negative statement meaning I don’t want to do that. On the contrary, this means yes, I will do that. Like I wouldn't care if I did that. It gets me every time still.
So one super good thing happened this week! Laurence is a member referral investigator that we have been teaching. He is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. He got a perfect score on the ACT and like one question wrong on the SAT. He is going to Harvard, just because that’s the school he wanted to go to. He also has a patent-pending invention... anyways he accepted a baptismal date for June 15th! Really, I love Farragut I probably will be leaving come June 5th. I am quite bummed by it but the Lord has a plan for each of us and I feel like my work here in Farragut is complete. Laurence can be added to the list of people here that I feel I have had an impact on in their journey to the gates of baptism.
love you! 
Elder bakker

Monday, May 20, 2013


Hey Mom!
Good to hear from you again, Tennessee is great! the Tennessee-ism of the week is conversate! means to converse, typically said through a thick accent. Fun fact the southern accent comes from the Scotch-Irish settlers. The S parents are moving along right nicely, it's been slow but steady. The P family is still preparing for June 15th and that is going to be huge as well. Transfers are the 5th of June and I'm really praying asking the Lord, if it's his will of course, to let me stay one more transfer.
I've looked back on my time in Farragut recently and I feel like it might be my time to go and move onto another place to help prune the Lords vineyard. Jeanne and Mackenzie, and Brother M were helped to baptism. There are also many that will be there soon from whom I have been teaching.  I have always known how little the lord really cares about numbers and I myself don't care that much either, but I can look back and say that I made an impact on many peoples lives, not only their lives but their families lives and their eternal salvation. I am humbled and blessed by the opportunity to serve here and am excited to see what the Lord has in store for my future.
I as always pray for the Lord to guide you to people to share the message of the gospel with. This is truly the only church where we can accept the full blessings of the atonement of our lord and savior Jesus Christ.
I love you
Elder Bakker

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Farragut is Rockin' It

hey mom all is well here we are doing so good! I have no details about skype ill just call you from a members phone next sunday morning and let you know the details then...sorry i havn’t thought about it since last monday and i may forget till sunday haha.
but the coolest thing is the P family! I love them! sister p is on fire she is practically begging us to be baptized on the 18th so we have another baptism on the 18th and we can't wait!
elder arnold and mcneil are just doing great as well and team farragut is rockin' it! haha you know you've been in an area too long when you know every neighborhood and almost every street in a 10 sq mile area and when you pull up to a stoplight and know 3 people and where they live just by the car... haha i've been here a while and quite honestly i've loved every minuet of it and i hope i get to stay another transfer! that'd be so awesome!
sounds like everyone is doing super good back home, I'll see you on sunday! 
love elder bakker

E Arnold, E McNeil, E Bakker

Here's a great group of hams post Transfer meeting! LOVE them!

B: Bendall, Williams, P Irion, Bakker, Bacon, LeSueur, Taylor, Arnold, Chopelas, S & E Meyer, S deHoyos, F E Miller, Grandy, Glazner, S Stone, Bowman

Trust Andrew to find a taco truck in Tennessee.

Elders Arnold, McNeil and Bakker

Bishops Storehouse

The view from their apartment in the spring