Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec 9

Hey hey,  
A few cool things happened this week, we found a family we are going to start teaching so that was pretty cool! they seem very prepared and open to the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ! 
In other news we had the Wartburg parade this Saturday.  It was a blast! We built a sweet float and it had a manger scene at the back on the stage with elves in the front with giant wrapped boxes of gifts we could give the Savior, things like virtue and charity etc. We missionaries and the youth walked along side the float and passed out mormon.org #webelieveinChrist rubber bracelets. The youth were cold and kind of not all that excited to be there at first so naturally we got everyone to start Christmas caroling while we were walking and it was a blast! huge success! plus everyone had fun! We are going to be in the much bigger and better attended Oak Ridge holiday parade this Saturday so I am sure you will get to see some pictures of that one! 
In other news we were able to get one of our less actives out to church this week, we are working on strengthening his testimony and getting him out on a mission, plus he brought Sarah his girlfriend that we have been teaching too so it was awesome to see both of them there. 
The Christmas devotional was really good last night as well and Elder Rasband even mentioned Hannah Last Corbany, who is brother Cornaby's (from Farragut) great great grandmother. She wrote hymn 260 in the hymnal "Who's on the Lord's Side?"  
Well Merry Christmas! don’t forget to remember the Lord this time of the year! What are you going to put under the tree for Him?
Love ya!
Elder R.A. Bakker

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