Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jan 21

Hey Family! lots of cool things to report on! I'm a day late due to MLK Jr. day.  We are anxiously awaiting he arrival here of Elder L. Tom Perry of the quorum of the 12 to visit our mission on the 1st of February. He will be accompanied by a host of other general authorities which is very exciting! Elder Rasband the president of the presidency of the 70, elder Soares of the presidency of the 70, elders Kopishke, Zwick, Pino, and elders Heimis and Merideth local area 70's! Very exciting times indeed!
Monday- Brother R from Farragut took elder Williams and I to a place called Nama for sushi which was great.
Tuesday- We had 2 solid appointments. The first was lunch with Lee  (Sarah's dad who has been investigating the church) and his friend Brother S from a neighboring ward.  That went great! Sarah stopped in for a few minuets and let us know she got her answer last Sunday! She is great and so close to being baptized we are to meet with her this Thursday where we hope to solidify a date! We were also able to meet with Steve Tuesday, Thursday and yesterday (Monday) to teach him a little more. He is really starting to "understand" the Gospel. Its moving from his head to his heart and he is seeing the blessings in his life! he is progressing nicely and headed in the direction of baptism real soon I think!
Wednesday- Most of the day was spent in preparation for the upcoming Zone Training Meeting the next day. We went to lunch in the midst of the chaos and some random guy offered to buy our lunch! so that was great! We then come back to prepare for the meeting a bit more and to help a set of sisters with their training. They were training on companionship unity and everything was peachy when we assigned the training but the week leading up to the meeting their companionship just fell apart haha... So they were really not getting along and they were going to be training on companionship unity... They told us they weren't going to do it, which worried us, there was no one we could call the night before to train the next day so we were going to have to prepare another training to fill in for theirs... Long story short it all got worked out and they gave the training and all went well! Just a little headache and heart burn in the process.
Thursday- Zone meeting went well and we were glad about that. Elder Williams and I gave a training on Understanding to facilitate understanding in our investigators. We enjoy training and hearing all the other trainings for the missionaries, which all went splendidly.

 The rest of the week was good, no other notable experiences.  A lot of ups and downs in missionary work and we definitely had a good sampling of the whole wide spectrum this week. I continue to learn and grow especially in all the new problems to solve and experiences to be had. Joseph Smith taught there is no substitute for experience. Experience is one thing a mission really gives you to be prepared to face the challenges of everyday life to keep you strong in the gospel.
Love ya thanks for everything happy birthday tomorrow Grandma!
Love Elder R.A. Bakker

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