Monday, January 13, 2014


hey mom! 
Great week! Funny thing about being a missionary here (I don't know about everywhere else) is that is seems like you work your tail off for something to happen and finally you realize all that seemingly useless hard work ends up fitting perfectly into the grand plan and miracles happen. 
Well it all started a few stories ago back at the parade. We were able to meet Sarah’s parents and persuade them into meeting them with us (you will remember the llama pictures.) Anyways this week we were finally able to arrange that meeting at the C's home (her boyfriend Alex's family) Only her dad was able to come and meet with her and us and the C's but the lesson went well and we taught the "Most Important Thing" (see articles of faith 3 and 4) and we used a back drop of Lehi's vision of the tree on life and partaking of the fruit. During the lesson Sarah looks at her dad and asks him "nothing sounded weird to me, what about you?" and he said "no that all sounded right." Doesn't sound like much but the communication there was more than can be described in what was said, more of what was communicated was Sarah telling her dad it felt right to her and seeking his approval. Quite amazing, then she went to the ward that shares a building with us in oak ridge for church on Sunday with Alex to watch their friend Jacob give his missionary farewell talk, the spirit was felt and they were both in tears. They went to the C's after church and Alex took a nap for a few min. while Sarah and Sister C were talking and sarah was all torn up and in tears saying "I don't know what to do, I know my church isn't true and this feels so right!" She knows the church is true and just had a few concerns about priesthood, prophets, and the kingdoms of glory. Then later last night Elder Callister of the presidency of the 70 gave a fantastic devotional that we watched with Sarah on the apostasy and the "blueprints" (from the bible) of the true church, which kind of sealed the deal. Alex is thinking more and more about a mission and Sarah is ready to accept a date. Her parents and brother are on the hook for another lesson at their home with the C family. Things are going great! 
The Lord tries our faith but if we hold out faithful till the end he will provide a way. Pray for Sarah and the rest of the her family, they are going to need it. But for now all is well in zion. There isn't much better in life than seeing someone really understand! That's what Elder Williams and I are training on in zone meeting on Thursday is increasing our understanding so we can teach for understanding. In other words moving our surface level gospel information to true understanding in our heart. Preparations are going well and we are excited! 
Oh and yes the P’s are doing great! Jackson is still gung-ho on the whole mission thing. He has even picked new friends that are a better influence on him! I sure love the Powers they are amazing saints! 
Love ya! 
Elder R.A. Bakker

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