Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10

We had a really good week this week. Miracles are definitely abounding here. We received a surprise investigator this week that called the church and asked the person who answered if he could be baptized. He has gotta be in his late 80's, but his name is Gregory and he is awesome. Just so willing to follow the Lord and do whatever the lord tells him to do. He is in an assisted living facility here in Asheville and can’t really get around, so we always have to have someone pick him up for church and things like that. But he is scheduled to be baptized on March the 22nd and we are anxiously awaiting that date.
Our whole zone is doing so awesome we have been really teaching the doctrines of faith and miracles to the zone lately and as a result of missionaries actively petitioning the Lord for such it has been granted. We scarcely go a day without hearing of a surprise baptismal date or some other miracle of the like happening somewhere in the zone!
One of the most tender miracles that happened to us this week was on Wednesday I believe. We get a text from a family in a neighboring ward that is rushing their 7 week old baby to the emergency room at Mission Hospital in our area. They ask us to come quickly and give a blessing to the little boy with a high fever. They had taken him to the doctor earlier that day and the doctor sent them right out the door to rush him to Mission, needless to say it was quite serious. We arrive at the hospital and after conquering the maze of hallways find ourselves in the emergency room in the room of the little boy and his face is bright red and he is crying and in what seemed to be quite a lot of pain and discomfort. Well his father takes him in his arms, and I hear the spirit whisper to me, "you heal that baby!" so we lay our hands on his head and commanded him to be healed. Instantly the crying stopped and his color returned to a normal hue and he peacefully fell asleep in his father’s arms, sleeping for the first time in 2 days. The nurse walks in the room amazed and excited that he appears to be feeling better. Well we left probably never to see anyone in that room again, with a sure testimony of the divinity of Priesthood Power and the Love the Lord has for each of us his children. I know the Lord lives and ministers to us each day upon our personal qualification and worthiness. This work is true.

Love Elder R.A. Bakker   

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