Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April 28

Norwegian Kick ball (he's in a blue shirt/white shorts)
Spring is in the air here. Today we are actually going to hike to some waterfalls where they filmed Hunger Games at, so that will be cool I suppose. We dyed Easter eggs this week with Ash and Jen. They are both 19 and are making some major improvements in their lives.
As far as our teaching pool goes, the member we have been teaching the lessons too again to help her strengthen her conversion is doing swimmingly. She made amends with the person that offended her yesterday at church and is still reading and praying which is good. We have really been able to see her heart soften over the short time we have been working with her. So yeah she is doing pretty good.
Hmm oh Monty who came to general conference, well we were able to locate his home (he told us 43 instead of 34 on his address, but no matter we found him!) and invite him out to church again and he came! So that was good we will be teaching him this week.
Easter eggs w/Ash and Jenn
Oh boy we went on like 3 exchanges this week and I slept on either a couch or a floor 3 nights in a row with nothing remotely healthy to eat, needless to say I’m glad to be back in the mansion again sleeping like a baby. On one exchange I ate nothing but scones with maple glaze and cheerwine for 24 hours because they spent all their money on ingredients for that and cheerwine, that was rough. Oh and too bad they don’t have cheerwine in Utah because its fantastic. Many southerners consider it to be the nectar of the gods, ambrosia from heaven.
Ricky Boone the magician (check him out on Google)
We are preaching and possibly doing a question and answer at a Baptist church here in Asheville Tuesday or Thursday.... so pray for us please! worried about walking into an anti-Mormon trap of some kind or another so we are hoping for the power of Paul or Aaron in our tounge, and the courage and conviction of Captain Moroni... so here goes nothing #putitupforthemormonpreachers
Well that’s all for this week! love ya take care!
Love ya!

E Woolums and E Bakker

E Woolums, Bakker, Garber, Dreeson

Asheville Zone w/Pres and Sister Irion
ELder R.A. Bakker

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