Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 28

Hey there! 
So sorry I didn't get to email last week! Life has been crazy! Transfers are coming this Wednesday and there is a lot to prepare for! Its the biggest transfer the mission has seen to my knowledge. 19 missionaries going home Thursday (6 more in a couple weeks for school) and 16 coming in. That's quite a few people to worry about. Its doubly crazy because it's president Griffin's first transfer. I enjoy helping, but its a big responsibility for sure. 
We are doing great in our area! We had 4 investigators at church last week and 3 this week. There are 2 on with a baptismal date: Chris on the 23rd and Andrew on the 29th of Aug. We are tearing it up out here. 
You know its pretty funny to see the work ebbing and flowing like it is and does, it seems to go however the Lord chooses for it to go. I have felt like an obedient diligent worker my whole mission and sometimes there is success to be had and sometimes there isn't. That's a striking part of faith, its not been about all the things you do to "earn the Lords blessings," rather its about our trust that the Lord knows what he is doing. We are obedient and diligent because we love Him and we try to qualify for the Lords blessings, and when it is right we receive. Its been a theme of my mission. 
Well all is well here and the days keep flying by. 
Thanks for everything!
Love ya! 
Elder R.A. Bakker

At a ball game for a YSA activity

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