Sunday, October 5, 2014

August 31

So great couple of weeks! We had T's baptism last week the 23rd and Brother G was baptized this week the 29th and confirmed today the 31st! It was awesome He has come such a long way in his understanding and personal development! Really exciting! 
I also got to go up to Johnson City on exchange with Elder Russo! He is doing well, he is a zone leader up there and really tearing it up! It was good to go see him. 
Oh a couple weeks ago we went down to Chattanooga and there is a civil war mansion down there that they meet in for the Chattanooga branch so I took some pictures I'll include them its a pretty cool building. 
Elder Mumm and Gibson and I are doing great over all! busy all the time. Transfers soon and MLC Tuesday. Oh yeah you wanted to know about Elder Gibson. Well we call him Gibby first off so that's good. He is from Price Utah, he went to the UofU for a semester, he is a bull rider and almost went pro but decided other, wiser, paths with his career. He has a big voice and is really easy to get along with. He is a nice addition to the team! Well thats about it for this week! love ya! 
Elder R.A. Bakker

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