Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October 7

So not much from this week. It was Elder Mumm's birthday on Friday (same as Jay Jay's) so we celebrated that this week. Lots of fun. I found out Sister P’s sister and nephew are getting baptized in a couple weeks! I hope to be in attendance. It's cool to directly see that kind of influence already. If the P’s hadn't joined the church a year ago then their family probably wouldn't now have the opportunity to enter in the fold of Christ. Pretty cool. I also ran into Brother B, one of my first converts, at Panda Express and he and his beautiful wife are taking out their endowments on the 24th of October! Way cool! They will be sealed in November! I'm way excited for them.
General Conference was great, my favorite talk was from Elder Cook in Priesthood session, it sounded like council I grew up with from Dad. Heart warming. 
That's about it. Sorry it's short, not a lot of news! 
Love ya! 

Elder Bakker

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