Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 14

Great week this week! Transfers came and went and that head-ache is over. The coolest thing happened though! So when I was in the MTC 2 years ago we had Elder Hancock in or district at the MTC. Loved the kid we became buddies there, well due to some things he had to go home from there for a short time and was going to come right back out. Long story short due to the change in missionary age his paper work I guess got lost in transit and hadn't been able to get back out till now and finally 1 transfer short of 2 years later I got to pick him up from the airport! He told me that I had changed and was "different" "all mature and stuff" haha weird. But who should be called to be his trainer? Could it be anyone less than my son? Elder Hart from my Marion days! So now Elder Hart my son is training my grandson Elder Hancock! What a blessing! It really was quite the experience to be able to see him again, I’m proud of him for coming out 2 full years later after all that. 
Other great happenings of the week. Yesterday the 13th we, at Elder Mumm's direction decide to go to Cherokee, NC to attend a baptism for some of our zone leaders. It is a 2.5 hour drive and we are excited because we get to go through the Smokies and see the Indian reservation. Well, turns out the baptism was cancelled and Elder Mumm never checked his text messages to know that was what happened. So 5 hours of driving all for naught. What an adventure. We did however get to stop for some scenic pictures on the way home. (photos included) The night was completed with a member taking us to Cheddar's Casual Cafe where I got chicken and waffles which were delicious. :) So all in all a good day.
This next week is jam packed with Zone training meetings where we will be training on finding briefly. Oh and Brother T is taking me to lunch while we are in Oak Ridge near his work for my birthday Tuesday and then Cheesecake Factory for cheesecake Wednesday after I do dinner with the Griffins. That should be good! Excited for that. Oh he got the Aaronic priesthood today! That was way awesome! And Brother G did last week! They are both so strong! 
Last cool story of the week. This was actually a couple weeks ago and I may have shared it already but after MLC I ran into Sister H, my first convert in Farragut. I hadn't been able to see or contact her my whole mission and I feared that she has already fallen away, but to my surprise I saw her there and she is active! It has been such a blessing through out my whole mission to be able to see many enter the waters of baptism, and as far as I know almost everyone is still going strong today! I have been richly blessed by the hand of the Lord. 
Love ya! 

Elder Robert Andrew Bakker

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