Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 11

hey mom sorry I didn't get an email out this week. its been crazy but I still love you and life is still good. just fyi we had a new companion for a few days (Elder Dye) and he goes home tomorrow.
 love ya have a great week!
> Andrew

So, Andrew and Elder Mumm were driving the mission van moving some furniture and the like on a famous road known as the Tail of the Dragon.  A photographer was on the road taking pictures of everyone who drove by, including these two missionaries.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Aug 4

So transfer week has come and gone, that has been a big relief. We hardly get any sleep at all that week. This week has been filled with driving. lots and lots of driving. I drove throught Gatlinburg and the Smokies on Saturday on our way down to Cherokee NC, that was a beautiful drive! I took some pictures ill try and send them on tomorrow. We even saw two bull elk next to each other watching over their herd of cows, one with six points per side and one with five, I didn't even know there were elk out here. 
I drove President Griffin out to Asheville solo with him so I sat on the stand next to him and he "recognized my presence there" during Sacrament meeting... that was weird.  Elder Mumm stayed in Knoxville to go to church at our branch. The other things going on this week are zone conferences and Mission Leaadership Council. I'll be training on the Book of Mormon at MLC and Each zone conference.  
The much bigger news is that due to an Ebola Virus epidemic going on in Africa several missions are being evacuated and we are getting 3 new elders permanently reassigned here monday and tuesday from Liberia and Sierra Leon. So that will be an interesting thing this week. It seems like its just one thing after another Im busier than I have ever been in my life, every time I blink Im writing another email home. 
Well life is good sorry my email is short but I love yall! the Gospel is true! 
Love Elder R.A. Bakker