Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19

November 19, 2012
Hey yall!
Sounds like all is well at home! Well glad to hear from yall. Life in Tennessee is stellar! my new companion, as you saw, is Elder Christensen way awesome missionary and I get along with him super well.  I'm serving in the Farragut area so both the mission office and mission home are in my area, we actually went to a dinner appointment at the Irion's ("erie-un") home, super good! My area is definitely the most effluent area in the mission, for example my ward mission leader brother R took us to the gym this morning in his vintage yellow Land Cruiser and then took us to lunch and then bought us some food at Costco.... apparently this is a regular occurrence. The members are wealthy to say the least. So the area is hard to get people to talk to you when we are out tracting, let’s just say humility isn’t the #1 Christ-like attribute around here. But the people are a polite rude, haha, they like to say thank you a lot as they politely slam the door in your face, ha cracks me up. And every one is baptist. We live across the street from the great and spacious building ( First Concord Baptist Church). It has like 10,000 members and is roughly the size of a very large high school. That’s the classic baptist church everyone goes to, and the funniest thing is none of them quite understand what they believe other than saying they have " accepted Christ" and by doing that they have "been saved." Its bogus, haha, no lie the baptists are insane. I've definitely got to become more well versed in my Bible skills too. As far as my apartment goes its small and dirty but it gets the job done.  I like it. As far as our current investigators go our two heavy hitters right now are both named Josh. We have a goal of baptizing three people this companionship. That’s one every month. Elder Christensen, being my trainer, is with me for three solid months. I’m pretty stoked about it, he is an awesome dude. Well anyways, the work is great I love being a missionary. The south is sweet and the people are generally way nice. Its beautiful around here, cold nights and mornings with a nice mid day. We already have like 4 dinner appointments for Thanksgiving... We are fed pretty well, at least in Farragut. The Church is true and Christ truly suffered for each of us individually. He loves his children and as his servant we help find his lost sheep, one lamb at a time.

Talk to yall next monday!
Love all Elder Bakker

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