Monday, November 4, 2013

Nov 4

Hey everyone!
The winter hasn't really hit here yet and the fall was kind of weak but that's ok the weather is still nice and we haven't had to layer up too much yet actually just a jacket here and there.
Well, Halloween has come and gone we weren't really allowed to do much proselyting on Halloween so we studied at the church and made candied bacon and hires root beer! great time! One of the member families stopped by to pick something up and they talked us into trying this pepper that one of the other elders had.... big mistake haha! It was a ghost pepper which is the second hottest pepper in the world aka the Bhut jolokia pepper... google it... it set us on fire for nearly an hour and we ate the smallest bite. So that was basically our Halloween, a lot of screaming and ice cream and washing the eyes out of elder arnold who decided to rub his eyes after partaking...  
We have a lot of fun serving here together. There's always a lot of stress that comes with missionary work but the good times always out weigh the hard times and you always are learning and becoming more like the savior day by day. We are pretty low on investigators right now, but our hope and faith is high that the lord will help us to find those that are prepared. Maria is progressing very slowly, her traumatic childhood and life up to this point prevents her from learning concepts quickly so we have to be patient and help introduce the atonement in her life one step at a time. She will get there. We also are preparing a training this week for our zone conference. We are training on how goals help us o focus our sights on the most important thing. Pray for us! we are going to need it. We had a meeting with president irion and the stake presidency yesterday a meeting with the missionary higher leadership tomorrow and zone conf on thursday... meeting after meeting after meeting... haha gotta love it. Love you and remember to focus your sights on the most important things!
Good better best!
 Elder R.A. Bakker

Multi Zone conference with Elder Corbridge

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