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April 21

On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 10:51 AM, Robert Bakker ‪<> wrote:
Wow what a great Easter week! It was quite interesting to note the symbolism of our weather. It was cold, gloomy and rainy Thursday, Friday and Saturday (with a grim story to follow soon about this rain) and then out of no where Easter Sunday its a beautiful sunny 74 degrees!  Ah! the hope that rises with the resurrected Lord. Bible Dictionary: " The Resurrection of Jesus is the most glorious of all messages to mankind." It is an awe inspiring time of year for sure.
Things are going really well with sister R. Her heart softens and testimony strengthens daily, amazing what happens when you humble yourself and put in the work. It’s like MAGIC!
Speaking of, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this to you but when I was on exchange with some other elders nearby we met a magician in his magic shop . He is disabled and does some magic shows for churches based around gospel messages and he taught me some cool tricks, so lately we have been teaching the gospel through magic. Highly effective. I love to teach with variety. Also we are trying to put together a plan of salvation chalk art thing in downtown Asheville, (its totally an Asheville thing to do) and we are hoping to get some of the local branch artists out to help us with it. Should be good, its like the missionaries in Russia and New York you mentioned to me earlier mom. We will keep you updated. That’s about all that is going on around here now, so life is good.
Thanks for the Easter goodies everyone that sent things! graciously enjoyed!
Love ya!
Elder R.A. Bakker

oh forgot to tell the story of the rain! so I was in Hendersonville on exchange on Friday and they didn’t have the car that week so we were on bikes.... it was raining, anyways after dinner we had an appointment with a recent convert family. We were to bike over there, the appointment was a 45 min bike ride.... in the rain… and anyone who knows me knows I really don’t like being wet when I don’t have to be. 3 years of early morning swimming to wake you up is the catalyst. So we are biking and I’m soaked... and we have to pass over this over pass and there isn’t much traffic so its alright, and in the middle of the over pass is this large puddle about 8 inches deep that we have to sneak through so as to not completely splash our selves... well out of know where I see this car start to speed up from behind me, he switches over into the lane where the puddle is and speeds through it sending a mountainous tidal wave down on me RE-soaking me from head to toe... then he proceeded to reenter the lane in which he was previously with no apparent need to actually be in the lane with the big puddle right as I happened to be moving slowly through it... times like these make me thankful for cars. my shoes just dried out fully today.

planking" happy easters from the elders of the haunted mansion!
random earth day concert we happened upon downtown, never know what youll find in Asheville...

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