Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19

Hey! The office is nutty, we are busy out of our minds! We get very little time to find and teach in our own area. It’s tough in that regards for me because its been slow for me as far as teaching solid investigators for the last year or so. I believe though that the Lord will bless us with people to teach for our efforts. My companions as you know by now are Elder Garber from Wyoming (he goes home on the 18th of June) and Elder Mumm from Boise ID. We get along swimmingly and are really enjoying the work.  It’s got a different spin on it but its a good change I think. We have zone conferences this last week and this coming week and we train at each of those. We also have 10 companion exchanges with the zone leaders this transfer as well as 2 mission leadership councils to run (one happened last week and the other is in a couple weeks) and all the zone meetings as well. Its crazy, I don’t know how we are going to be able to do it! Plus Elder Mumm and I have to be fully prepared to great the new mission president, and a large part of that responsibility is going to be helping make the first couple transfers of all the missionaries. That will be interesting.
Anyways all I can say is I’ve strapped on the firehose and its still pumping water plenty fast. The daily routine is different everyday. Planning is a big part of a missionary’s life, and we have a hard time doing it, because it literally changes everyday.
The apartment is allright, nothing special, it is however the only shared apartment in the mission, we share with another set of missionaries. They are interesting but keep the place lively. All mail should go to the office, its easier, plus we are here 5-6 days a week.
Oh also there is a zone leader Elder Dutch (Elder Roberts) in Kingsport here in the mission that spent the first 13 years of his life in Holland! Super rad! I was on exchange with him this week and he taught me some Dutch and we made pannekoeken for breakfast! it was fantastic! And then this morning we went to have our weekly meeting in the mission home with President Irion about affairs of the mission over breakfast and Sister Irion was cooking aebleskievers! talk about blast from the past X2! the foreign ancestral breakfasts of my traditional childhood!  Life is good!
love ya! 

Elder Bakker

Taking Elder Christensen (Andrew's trainer) to the airport

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