Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5

So here I am back home in Knoxville, I like Knoxville. I’m serving in the young single adults branch right now in downtown Knoxville which is pretty sweet, we actually cover 2 whole zones/stakes worth of YSA's. I also bought an Asheville "locals" t-shirt from a GUY wearing a hat with a feather in it and studded spikey high heels before I left... that’s Asheville for ya.
I had a stake conference today in Knoxville and I was able to see tons of people from Farragut, my first area, it was fantastic. I could live in that ward. We took a big van around and delivered beds around the mission for like 8 hours and I guess that’s a regular thing. We are crazy with transfer stuff right now, the decisions behind transfers is a really cool and inspired process. We will be picking up the new missionaries on Tuesday and transfers are Wednesday and then we take the departing missionaries to the airport on Thursday morning. The last part is especially going to be weird because ill be driving my trainer to his flight... it'll be poetic, but not in the cute Shel Silverstien type way more like a sad Edger Allen Poe kind of poetic... I might cry I’ll miss having him around. I think we are supposed to be hitting up the cereal bar (yeah a restaurant that only serves cereal---whatt??!!!) before he goes.
As far as the preaching at the Baptist church went, the spirit constrained us and we didn’t go. It was a trap, unfortunate but true. Oh my companions are Elders Garber and Mumm. Elder Garber is training Elder Mumm and I to be the new assistants for the transition for the new mission president (didn’t you do something like that on your mission dad?). So yeah I’ll be here at least 4.5 months then my last transfer I’ll either stay or go into the field again (whatever the new president decides.) But its pretty cool to work closely with president and see a new side of the work. Feels like my lips are fastened around the end of a fire hose right now and the chief just turned it on full blast, but hey it’ll be fine!  Life’s good the gospel is true!
Love ya!
Elder bakker

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