Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14

January 14, 2013

How are y'all?  Life here in tennessee is kickin! we got a solid new investigator this week! his name is matt geary and he is really serious about finding truth and really open to knowing the book of mormon is true and is reading and praying to know! How we found him is really cool. He was being taught by the missionaries in cleaveland, tn and moved to Farragut last monday (i think i told you about him last week) turns out that was the day he was moving in and that day and the cleveland elders weren’t even going to call and tell us about him for like another week! solid solid guy he came to church and everything this week! we had 3 investigators there and we had 5 non members and like 10 members in our gospel essentials class which we taught, that went way well the members are super sweet time, we also had one of our top investigators at the CES fireside last night from Elder Uchtdorf, he taught about seeking truth it was so perfect! Also just to throw this in we were tracting and we tracted into this family and they had a pet monkey named Kenya, it had a diaper and everything. anyways all is going super well here and we are loving it. Lots of success and love here in Farragut! Transfers are Feb 6th and I'll know the saturday before whether i’m staying or not but my guess is I'll be staying (maybe training) but i hope not haha oh well. It's been super warm and now its quite wet outside i hope its not going to be raining. anyways they are cutting my email time short... Im going to go along with it because its Elder Christensens birthday. tell grandma thanks for the books! Love you 
Elder Bakker

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