Monday, March 11, 2013

March 18

hey hey mom
so its been one of the coolest weeks of my mission. hands down. So Elder Christensen and I have really been working our tails off here in farragut. We strive for exact obedience and don’t settle for less than our best efforts here. Jeanne and Mackenzies baptism was the first baptism here in a solid year. The ward is on fire now. We have been in almost every home helping them with their missionary work with the "Ask in Faith" program, and now just about every family in the ward has specific goals to help their friends come to a knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel. We honestly have more work here than we have time and for the first time we probably are going to soon need another set of missionaries in the Farragut ward.
Miracles are happening here and soon there is going to be a huge increase of member work and excitement, from one catalyst in particular. So Brother S (I've mentioned that we are teaching his parents) has really been working with us with his parents. We have grown a relationship with them and consider them to be family as well as they consider us to be their sons or grandsons. However I don’t know if I've ever really relayed the miracle behind this relationship. So, roughly 20 years ago when brother S joined the church his parents disowned him. In fact I don’t know if they spoke to him for like a solid year. Also they turned the whole family against them. He told us he couldn’t go to any family gathering with out someone pulling him aside  and trying to save him. long story short, it was a very bad situation. Now their relationship is pretty good and his parents are close with brother s and his family. And now it is the perfect storm. Brother s’s son Trey is on a mission in Australia, and that has really opened them up. And every missionary in the past that has gone through the area wasn’t right, but everything worked out and brother s felt that he should have us teach his parents. And well they have done like a complete 180 and yesterday we went over to their house and talked a bit bore testimony brought the spirit and I'll tell you there was not a dry eye in the room, and then brother s invited his parents to be baptized. it was a truly incredible experience. There is nothing happier than missionary work. The whole ward pretty much knows the situation with the s's and once they see the miracle of the s's being baptized the missionary excitement is going to explode.
oh also borther s and his dad took us to the last UT basketball game and we sat 6th row at half court and got to see them with their last regular season game! (president gave us special permission to go) it was so sick! haha weird though everyone got a good stare at the mormons! haha but anyways i love the mission and wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.
until next week! 

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