Monday, June 24, 2013

Member Missionaries

Hey mom!
The broadcast was awesome! We have been officially (re)called out by our leaders and specifically our prophet! It’s time to buckle down and lock arms members and missionaries and grow the work of salvation! There's not a whole lot of progress going on here right now we are still trying to do our best to meet and teach all of the less active members on our role and also teach investigators when we can. The branch is small but there's much work to be done and I believe that the Lord will help us to be able to get it all done. After all he is all wise and powerful. The S’s baptism is this Thursday and President Irion is letting me come down for the baptism. I am really excited for that. Dwight and Jane are actually going to come pick me up!
Marion gets more and more interesting everyday. My latest word is Witchadidja... haha good one right? "ya brung your truck witchadidja?" haha it means "with you did you.”
The town is so tight there are no secrets. Recently the chief of police was busted for buying/selling illegal drugs. The whole town talks about it. The police department is so corrupt up here I feel like I’m in a different country. There was even a cop like 4 or 5 years ago that shot him self in his police car and left a note trying to bring down the corrupt cops. It’s like an episode of CSI or something... haha it’s crazy out here. But hey I love it.
There's a local greasy spoon called Dip Dogs, famous for corn dogs and onion rings and shakes. Really good, but really greasy. haha Im also going to try and make some seriously good apple butter in the next few weeks. I can’t believe y'all didn’t feed me apple butter and biscuits growing up. I missed out on that!
Well I love you and remember the Lord does too. 
love elder bakker  

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