Monday, June 3, 2013

District Meeting

hey mom, 
so there's some good news and some bad news. bad news first. As expected I am getting transferred to a new area. I will be white washing an area and being a district leader/trainer. so I can see the list of incoming missionaries and there are 4 so I have a 25% chance of guessing who I’ll get. 
I bore my testimony yesterday in sacrament meeting and I will say there were many tears both mine and the ward's. They have really had an impact on me here and it’s been hard to say goodbye and go. There's a lot I will miss here but I know it's my time to go. 
Ok enough of that now its time for the good news. Dwight and Jane S are committed for the 28th of june! and I don’t remember who you know is committed right now so here it is.
Julie P june 15th
Michael P june 15th
Jackson P june 15th
Laurence W  June 15th
Doug K june 22nd 
Dwight S June 28th
Jane June 28th
so these are some people to pray for. They really mean a lot to me and the farragut ward after june will have had 10 baptisms so far this year. They set a goal as a ward at the beginning of the year to have 12 by december so i think we are on track haha they typically don’t get 7 in a month so its been really awesome Also Robert B and Josh T are going to be baptized soon into other wards. I feel the lord has blessed me a lot here and its time for me to move on. I will Let you know how it all goes next week! love you all! 
love Elder Bakker 

Farragut's District Meeting 5-24-13

S Boggs, Manwill, Whatcott, Cady, S&P Irion, E Bakker, Arnold, McNeil, Kesler & Ogden

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