Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

Dear Mom
Marion is great, we are really trying to turn things around out here.  I think Ill bring you back to church here so you can experience it for yourselves after the mission.
Back to the work, we are getting excited. The district up here has been in the dumps and kind of depressed for a long time. We needed something to get us going, and then "The Work of Salvation" broadcast came out and all the missionaries got excited. The only problem was, the members for the most part didn’t catch the significance of it and so we shared more about it in each of our 5th Sunday third hour lessons. But anyways the district has been down so I spent a lot of time thinking and pondering and I came up with what I thought to be a great and inspired idea. We are going to have a luau with the 3 wards/branches we are working in! It’s going to be great. It will be missionary centered so everyone is supposed to invite friends and everything. We are excited to get that going!
As far as Fourth of July goes we are going to have a flag raising and breakfast at the church in the morning and then we will have a cook-out (not barbeque haha) at Donna A’s home. She is making ribs, fried chicken, burgers and hot dogs, "tater-salad", "macaroni-cheese", and a few other things. It’s going to be great! ha there is a lot of patriotism down here but there are just as many "Southern Pride" folk. We see confederate flags hanging on ever other house.
Oh and the S’s baptism was amazing. I got to go down but Elder Hart had to stay up here with some other missionaries. We completely filled the chapel for the baptism, which is the size of the chapel in the Boulter building at home. There were more people there than come to church out here. The relief society room for the actual ordinance was standing room only and not everyone could fit in. I got to speak about the day that they actually accepted a date for baptism and explain how it went and what we felt. It was a truly humbling and amazing experience. 
Well out of time! love you
Elder Bakker
Typical country road

Over looking Saltville

Fireflies....too bad Utah doesn't have these

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