Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15

Aloha Madre!
All is well in the Bible belt!  Virginia is wet as well We already almost hit our average rainfall for the year I think. And trust me Utah is not humid like it is out here. You say you feel humidity but unless your hair never really dries and if you put your hands in your pockets and it takes you 30 seconds to get them out because you're too wet and sticky then you are in the humidity. 
So we have been adding on to the church building here lately and the construction is going well. We are getting kicked out of the church for about 3 months while they blend the 3 phases of the building together, so we will be meeting in the local life saving building where the ambulances depart from. So I have been praying hard for a baptism during those 3 months because chances are we will get to baptize in the creek out here. Boy oh boy that'd be an experience.
We had to move our date for the luau from the 24th of Aug (happy bday lyssie) to the 23rd so that we weren't interrupted by the NASCAR race at the Bristol Speedway. The south loves there NASCAR, something I will never understand but the stadium holds 160,000 people... so the whole area up here will be slammed and the freeway traffic will be unconquerable. But it will all work out.
We have been really digging deep lately into true and pure doctrine and I'm giving a training on the fall of Adam and Eve and have really been enjoying my studies. Well I gotta go! Remember there is no growth in our comfort zone and there is no comfort in our growth zone!  
Love Elder Bakker
E Bybee, Babbitt, Schouten, Bakker, Garber, Spencer and Brown

Friedman Bakker Schouten Brown Tayler Warhurst Vincent Babbitt MIlls C Robinson, E&S Nielson, E&S Wilcken, S&P Irion, S&E Miner, Jack Quada Kalani D Hatch Colwell Stone Hollon Boggs Bedke S Hatch Burningham Taylor Shurtleff deHoyos, Eckery Darrington Spen

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