Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8

Hey Mom
All is well out here and this week.  We went to youth sunday school as opposed to gospel doctrine. I did learn a new word. Skitch- southern term for rabbit or cotton-tail. That was definitely a new one. And just to make it clear all of the southern terms that you have heard now I have heard in regular everyday communication with people.
Life in Marion is slow. Slow town, no one is really in a hurry to do anything let alone accept the gospel, no matter though, success will come as we are patient and keep working hard. We spend most of our time "strengthening the stakes" (isa. 54:2) where we are already at, basically visiting less-actives and trying to help them come back. This proves to be a very difficult task. Idleness is one of the 7 deadly sins and boy I will tell you it’s a killer out here. The adversary has put a church on nearly every corner, they don’t even have parking lots, so people can walk to whatever church is nearest to their home... tricky isn’t he? Nevertheless all is well in the work of the Lord.
We are spending a lot of time working on figuring out this luau and making sure that is going to work out without any last minuet rushes to figure it all out. I found someone to take care of the Wilber for us. Find, smoke and prepare. The whole 10 yards. It’s going to be great. The work of salvation is progressing onward, I urge you to reach out and continue sharing the gospel. Fast and pray for specific opportunities and the lord will bless you for doing so. Keep the faith
love you
Elder Bakker

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