Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4

A "bad" Tennessee snowstorm.  They got almost 2 inches!

Hola Madre!
so life here in tennessee is so fantastic! Tennessee-ism for the week is "run". Run: synonym for batch. "Youns hungry? I'm fixin' to make a run o' bread." I love it! 
Oh and not to mention the fact that both elder christensen and I are staying in Farragut for the next transfer! President had like 10 personal phone calls from members of the ward asking him to keep us here! and i'll most likely be here another transfer after that as well! I love farragut. The people are so nice! we have a meal appointment every night, with special requests so we often times get lunch too! haha its crazy! and the people we are teaching are just spectacular! There has been a mission stigma of no one wants to go to farragut because the people don’t want to listen to you, but if you truly involve the lord in his own work he helps you out! we went to a street in our area ( as per the spirits direction) and out of the 5 doors we had time to knock we taught 3 lessons. It was awesome and we have a pretty legit guy to go back and see! (haha he does fracking and before he would talk to us he had to make sure we weren't environmental nuts... haha kinda sketch) 
Oh and we got another elder rolling with us for a few days! Elder Chopelas, he is so awesome his companion is training to be the new AP so he came with us till transfers on wednesday. We have really been having a blast with him, it brings a new spice to the work. We had an awesome experience this week with Robert B, he finished the Book of Mormon and told us he has officially decided to join the church! So awesome the only hold up is he wants his son to be there, and he is in boot camp until the end of August so he wrote him a letter and if his son writes back to go ahead and go with the baptism then it will be sooner. So we are really praying for that to happen, but its all on the lords time table! 
Also Jeanne and Mckenzie have been rescheduled to Feb. 16. We went over yesterday and put together a calendar of stuff we have to get done in order to be ready by then and they are super excited and committed! So all three of them were at church and we also had the S parents Dwight and Jane there also!! That was the first time in the last 3 years they've been to church! They are talking about feeling the spirit and stuff and its great. Also our youth are amazing! they have a new friend at church every week I swear. this week brother r's daughter and another kid had a friend each there and one of them Austin J came up and asked me for a Book of Mormon and to learn a little more about the church, so we are going to see him this week to teach him! so stellar! There’s also this old french couple in the ward that are less active because of health problems ( the H's) and they cooked us a real french meal, boy that was nice! Plus i hadn't had Brie cheese in a while so that was pretty good too! 
I love it out here in the lords vineyard its amazing what i learn everyday! I know this is the lords church restored to the earth today and that only by living the principles of His gospel can you achieve true joy. I love you and thank you for your continued support! 
Love Elder Bakker

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