Monday, April 15, 2013

hey family!
 All is well in the land of Tennessee, not a whole lot has changed. This may be my last full week in Farragut, I don’t know but I find out Saturday what’s going down for transfers the 24th. I will miss Farragut dearly if I leave. This is a place I could come back to and live. I really love it here. I love the people and its just a great place to be.
I don’t know how much I have told you about Brother M, but he right now is our most progressing investigator. He has been 6 days with out a cigarette and is preparing for the 27th of this month for baptism. He is a really nice guy. He works 2 full time jobs at Walmart and jewelry television and his wife is physically pretty handicapped. He only listens to Christian music and is really progressing well. So any prayers for him to overcome his smoking would be much appreciated.
As far as Robert B goes, he is on fire. He wrote a letter to Elder Oaks after he came for the stake conference, telling him about his situation and how he now knows he has found the lords true gospel, and also talked about how he wanted to wait for his son to be back from military training in August. Well just before Conference Elder Oaks responded and told him to tune into his talk for some pertinent info and also he thinks he is making the right choice to wait for his son’s return. Robert gave his son and daughter a Book of Mormon and they are reading it. He is one of the best missionaries in the ward. haha and he isn’t even in the ward yet!
The S parents, not a lot of new stuff there. They have been out of town for a while, they like to take off to the beach, but all is still well there.
Well I love you guys :) talk to you soon!
Love elder bakker

so I’ve recently put together a list of things I’ve gained an appreciation for on my mission:
g. conference
almond pasteries
jaffa cakes (from inessa in ireland)
dark choclate
uplifting music
the word yall
boiled peanuts (very southern)
pickled beets
pickled eggs
and the desert air

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