Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Farragut is Rockin' It

hey mom all is well here we are doing so good! I have no details about skype ill just call you from a members phone next sunday morning and let you know the details then...sorry i havn’t thought about it since last monday and i may forget till sunday haha.
but the coolest thing is the P family! I love them! sister p is on fire she is practically begging us to be baptized on the 18th so we have another baptism on the 18th and we can't wait!
elder arnold and mcneil are just doing great as well and team farragut is rockin' it! haha you know you've been in an area too long when you know every neighborhood and almost every street in a 10 sq mile area and when you pull up to a stoplight and know 3 people and where they live just by the car... haha i've been here a while and quite honestly i've loved every minuet of it and i hope i get to stay another transfer! that'd be so awesome!
sounds like everyone is doing super good back home, I'll see you on sunday! 
love elder bakker

E Arnold, E McNeil, E Bakker

Here's a great group of hams post Transfer meeting! LOVE them!

B: Bendall, Williams, P Irion, Bakker, Bacon, LeSueur, Taylor, Arnold, Chopelas, S & E Meyer, S deHoyos, F E Miller, Grandy, Glazner, S Stone, Bowman

Trust Andrew to find a taco truck in Tennessee.

Elders Arnold, McNeil and Bakker

Bishops Storehouse

The view from their apartment in the spring

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