Monday, March 17, 2014

march 17

E Woolums and the creepy things in the attic of their house

Super big excerpts of the Book of Mormon

Hey! Good week this week! We had an investigator named Gregory that had a hard time reading the Book of Mormons that we supply be cause they are so small. So we thought well we will order a large print. Well the large prints are on back order until further notice, so " well what do we do?". Then we decided to cut one up and copy the pages of a little Book of Mormon and enlarge them to a 8.5 by 11 sheet. That day we brought it by and he said that he still couldn’t read it! ha so we were like well we have no idea so we bought him a magnifying glass and he still couldn’t read it! We were running out of ideas. We thought of who could help in the branch. So we went to a Kinkos and a member happens to work there. He made it even bigger! So we put them on 11 by 17 inch sheets. They were so massive! We showed up the Next day to talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ, we don’t know what happened but some issues came out, and long story short came to the conclusion that he wanted to stay Baptist. It was a sad ending. We put a lot of effort to help him out. Who knows maybe some other missionaries will help him out in the future.
Then we had a lesson with another one of our investigators named Chelsea. She had her mother in law and he step brother there. We taught a short version of the plan of salvation touching on where we came from and why were we here, solid lesson, interesting how almost know one knows the purpose of life. It was a great lesson we were able to get their input and involve them in the lesson and they wanted to learn more! The next lesson we had with them was great because Chelsea’s boyfriend decided that he was going to change his life! So we taught them the Doctrine of Christ. They are great, but didn’t show up to church yesterday, so we have to head over and see what happened but yeah!
Well that’s about it as far as life this week! love ya! The gospel is true, and the only way home!
Love Elder R.A. Bakker

the pictures are the super big Book of Mormon we made and the other is Elder Woolums with some creepy dolls. We were able to break into the attic of our house because the lights were mysteriously on... and there is a padlock on the door... so how they got on who knows... but we got up there by pulling the hinges off the door to get the lights off and there were those creepy dolls, pictures of the little black girl named Betsy that haunts our house and dead birds kinda neatly lined up and creepy writing.... haunted house..... haha and I’m sure the footsteps we here downstairs every night is just something falling over... every night... :0

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