Monday, March 31, 2014

march 31

E Woolums, welcome visitors from Oak Ridge, Andrew

Hey there!
This flea market has been here 21 years and is 1/2 mile long
Greetings from Asheville, North Carolina! Well we were able to find a member to drive us down to Etowa this week, where Chelsea and Alex are living temporarily. That was a great lesson we retaught the restoration lesson focused really on how the GOSPEL was what was lost and restored and how the GOSPEL is what will ultimately help us live happy lives and return to Heavenly Father as eternal families. Pretty simple idea (not easy to accomplish per se, just simple to comprehend) that because God loves us enough to have sent His son, IF we have faith; repent; make, keep and renew sacred covenants; receive and remain worthy to keep the Holy Ghost; and continue the cycle we can inherit all God has to give us. The gospel is restored and that’s what this great work is all about.
View of Asheville from his favorite parking garage
Glad to hear everyone enjoyed the women’s broadcast, I heard it was an awe inspiring night for sure. As for our plans for conference we will most likely be attending all the sessions at the church. Dani and I communicate through email almost weekly and she sent me some cool pass along cards she made up and I printed them off here and made a few hundred and we are busy inviting every neighbor we have around the church personally to come hear a living prophet. So that’s exciting. We have invited tons of people that seem interested, maybe we will have one or two show up! That would be a miracle! We also made bigger fliers that we have been putting up all over down town, and while we post them up we also have had a couple people interested in talking about it. We have adapted the phrase "local event" people in Asheville love local. Lots of liberals that are all about local food and green energy and being vegan and all the rest.
well love ya
the Gospel is the way home and the Lord is in it!

Love Elder R.A. Bakker

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