Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24

White Duck Taco's
Things are going pretty normally up here. really not a whole lot going on this week. I’m staying put another transfer here, so that will be good. Oh so we had a lesson scheduled with our investigators Chelsea and her boyfriend Alex  and they had to cancel because they had a home invasion and 2 guys threw a brick through their window and broke down their front door over an xbox.... it was crazy they went in, and she said she felt the Lord with her since we have been teaching her and she told them to turn around and leave and for some reason with out question they just left the house! Really crazy experience, but they are out of the area for a while where it’s safe. So cool miracle that saved Chelsea and her two young girls, however it puts a wrench in the teaching for the time being.
Asheville Drum Circle
We got to go to the first "Asheville Drum Circle" of the year! Every Friday night downtown everyone gathers and does a wild drum circle! Lots of drums, lots of people, super crazy, too much fun. We went and did some street contacting there and met a guy that was pretty interested, his family are all members and he wants to sit down with us and figure some stuff out, it sounds pretty promising actually.
But yeah another week, another transfer come and gone. Loving every moment! The gospel is true and we are doing our best to find many people to share it with here! That’s the greatest feeling in the world. truly proclaiming the Lord's everlasting gospel. love ya!

love Elder R.A. Bakker

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